1. Kowalski Lyric Video

    Here’s a sneaky screen grab from the lyric video to ‘Lets Start Over’, a new Kowalski song from their upcoming album.

    Check out Kowalski on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wearekowalski

    More coming soon.


  2. A project I shot for The Maze Long Kesh has gone live on YouTube. Here’s the link! —- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxsnfQvMS6Q

    For more of my videos click herehttp://rossmccon.tumblr.com/videos


  3. Ross McConaghy Film & Photography on Facebook

    Find Ross McConaghy on facebook here —- https://www.facebook.com/rossmcconaghyfilm

    Come on over and say hi!


  4. Roundabout Film Screening

    Tonight saw the first screening my latest short film, ‘Roundabout’, in the PT Cinema in Leeds.

    It went really well. Many more people attended than were expected so we were pleased.
    (Maybe that had something to do with the free wine)

    I look forward to showing you guys more, but first … to the festivals!



  5. Live Visuals - 1st Attempt

    My first attempt at live visuals using Resolume.

    Featuring the sounds of Ohdae - https://soundcloud.com/ohdae

    For more of my videos click herehttp://rossmccon.tumblr.com/videos


  6. Above are some of my final images that aim to explore the relationship between the moving image and the still.

    Inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, these images display a mix of still parts and moving parts, to make each recreated film still come alive. 

    To view more of my cinemagraphs click here - http://stillmovingmovingstill.tumblr.com/


  7. My credit title from ‘Roundabout’, a short film I made over Christmas.


  8. Live at Leeds 2013

    Saturday 4th May saw the arrival of Live at Leeds, a huge one day festival held in many venues across the city.

    I only managed to see 3 artists but luckily they were all fantastic.

    I saw London Grammar, Marika Hackman, and Theme Park who were all phenomenal.

    Below are some photographs I took on Saturday. 

    For more of my photography please click herehttp://rossmccon.tumblr.com/photography


  9. So I haven’t made many original tracks because I have been concentrating on film & photography stuff recently. Any music I have been doing has been through my online mix-cast show vvaves —- https://www.facebook.com/vvavesmusic 

    Anyway, my dry spell has end as I have spent the past few days making lots of new original and remixed tracks.

    Check them out here —- https://soundcloud.com/copine

    My main musical inspirations are Four Tet, Gold Panda, Jamie XX, Bonobo, Scuba & Daphni (to name a few). I wish it did however my music sounds nothing like theirs. Maybe one day.

    Facebook —- https://www.facebook.com/copinemusic

    Listen below.

    To listen to more of my music, visit here.


  10. Just finished a film about a 92 year old man who was once the best sheepdog handler in the world.

    A fun but fast edit.

    The video should be online at the start of April.

    For more of my video work click here.